Apparel for responsive-building, media-querying web citizens.

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Dress Responsively, LTD. Doesn't exist. Yet.

This website is a product of Sparkbox’s Build Responsively workshop. Dress Responsively was built as a mock project to create working files and content for the workshop’s attendees. But then we got to thinking.

What standards-loving, responsively-building, media-querying web citizens wouldn’t love some apparel which flies the flag of the future of the web? Let’s turn it over to the people.

So here we are. If we are able to stump for enough interest, tweets, and votes for this geek wear, we’ll print up the winner and make it available. Check out the shirt designs, vote for your frontrunner, and pass us along to your friends. Democracy at work, folks. It’s either that or mob rule, whichever comes first. Either way, we all get sweet shirts out of it.

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